Lado Bai

Lado Bai started painting from her childhood village Badi Bawadi in Jhabua, a thickly forested area of the central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. In her work she carries forward a timeless tradition of Bhil painting, portraying ritualized depictions of Pithora, the Bhil folklore God Pithoro. Lado Bai received her training in the cultural environment of her village, through the stories told by elders and by her faith that the gods will be pleased by her art. Striking simplicity in the drawing patterns of her subjects reveals the chief characteristic of tribal art, which stresses the content of tale more than the virtual imitation of the world. Despite simplicity she brings an astonishing impression to her work by her dark figures when they appear drifting silently on the blank canvas. She gives an effect of undulating waves in her rows of colorful dots seen throughout her figures. Lado Bai’s works have been exhibited in Paris, the United Kingdom and extensively throughout India.


Artist:Lado Bai
Medium:Acrylic on Paper
Size:15" x 22"
Title:Gal Bapsi
Artist:Lado Bai
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
Size:42" x 60"