Crepe is a French word meaning crinkle. Crepe yarns are made of either staple (short) or filament (long) fibers which are then made into high-twist yarns. The crepe yarn must be twist-set before it can be woven or knitted. There are two kinds of crepe; hard finished, typically dyed black and used in mourning dress attire, or soft crepe including the canton or oriental weaves in plain. Originally woven in silk, crepe can now be found in all of the major fibers, natural or man-made. Surface textures range from fine, flat crepes to pebbled and mossy effects; some surfaces resemble tree bark. Crepe fabric in India is favored for its durability, resistance to shrinkage and its possession of truly excellent texture. It also has a beautiful sheen, is surprisingly light and has exceedingly fine drape.