Indian cotton fabrics are known for their sensual oriental coarseness and deep vibrant colors. The Indian subcontinent is known as the home of cotton, where cultivators and weavers have been producing it from the proto-historic time of the Indus Valley Civilization. Cotton fibers are valued for their strength, durability, absorption of color and utmost for their softness and breathability. Cotton fabrics from India are revered for their organic quality and refreshing nature in terms of color and design patterns. Indian cotton fabrics come in various types depending upon the environment of the area and the cultural traditions of the weavers. A few of the cotton fabrics like chintz or glazed calico textiles originally came from Calicut and were very popular in Europe. Similarly, cotton fabrics with block printing from Bagh and batik prints from Bhairavgarh, with their deep indigo, vibrant violet and refreshing white geometric and floral designs, are famous nationally and internationally.