Sutra Gallery's art collection represents both Indian Primitive and Contemporary art. Well-known and established senior and junior artists meet here to create a unique kind of reality; one which is enigmatic, mystic and vibrant. When India and Art stand together, they represent an unbroken relationship with the remote past while sailing vigorously in the contemporary stream. Indian art carries at its core a similar amalgamation of contrary forces of both modern and pre-modern impulses. Sutra in Sanskrit stands for thread, which in terms of time and space connects the past with the present and various distant points of the future. Thus Sutra encompasses a timeless flow of diverse meanings and symbols, of a civilization which defies definition and attracts those who want to experience the sublime glow of an alternate reality. Here at Sutra, it is our intention to display the colorful saga of Indian art as depicted on canvas, through the lens and by loom. Using both timeless traditional methods and innovative modern techniques the artists represented perfectly express the seamless continuum of life. Sutra.