Abbey Box

While looking at photographs we always feel a kind connection between our emotional perception and the image in front of us; and we take in something beyond our life, beyond our limits of imagination. Viewing an image is a journey of imagination, a bend in our consciousness. Abbey’s images put us on the path of imagination which reveals more to our inner mind than what merely lays on the surface of our eyes. Abbey’s photographic images capture the extraordinary in ordinary moments. Describing herself as a contemplative person Abbey frequently depicts nature in her images; nature that is enveloped by the profound silence of eternal reverie. Thus her images capturing the stillness of floating leaves on gleaming river water or a frozen river steeped in the deep overwhelming whiteness of snow, all reveal that nature’s mode of interaction is full of contemplative soliloquy. Abbey’s images of plants and flowers or of dewdrops trapped in the spider’s web create a strong statement about the art of stilled moments in the vast life of an ordinary day, passing unrecognized in our fleeting reality.

Abbey’s interest in photography started when she was a child. She used to pore over the pictures in her mother’s National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines cutting out and collecting all her favorite images. Spending most of her time drawing, she never thought about becoming a photographer until college when she went to England for a year-long study abroad. That is when her passion for photography and travel began. She completed her BFA in Photography from Saint Norbert College, in the US state of Wisconsin. After college she trained professionally in Fine Art Digital imaging, becoming a master printer and an expert in color correction. Although her wanderlust has taken her to many hidden corners of the globe, her eye for the boundless diversity of nature captures the beauty and simplicity of the world directly around us. Her work gives voice to quiet moments and poignancy to subtle gestures.


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